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A Digital Platform Clearview Group
Showcasing Expertise

Strategy Built on Data

The Assignment

An Online Presence to Match Their Expertise

Clearview Group要求安斯利首先承担组织的(外包的)首席营销官的角色. They had just parted ways with a much larger agency because, in their words, they felt like they weren’t getting the agency’s “A Team”. They had only a single staffer internally dedicated to marketing, 并希望我们从重启他们的营销开始,并建立一个明确的优先顺序和战略计划,这对他们的规模是有意义的, industry, geographic focus, and aggressive growth goals.

Their first ask? A complete revamp of their website from top to bottom, 为他们提供了一个可以用来炫耀他们的人的平台, their expertise, and their growth.

Solutions Provided

  • Copywriting
  • Digital Advertising
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

Design Focused on Data

What We Did

The Approach

The goals for the website project were clear: leapfrog their competitors with an elegant brand experience; deliver an interesting, 在一个崛起的国家公司的水平上量身定制的客户体验, not just a small regional player like so many in the market; and demonstrate their team’s expertise and broad experience.

Customizing Each User’s Experience Within a Single Site Visit. Most website users are familiar with the tactic of retargeting, or remarketing, 当用户离开一个网站时,他们会在其他网站上看到该网站的广告吗. 我们为Clearview设置了这个活动,但我们将其进一步推进.

When a user visits Clearview’s website, 我们首先向用户承认我们是如何收集和使用数据的, in line with most of the large firms in the world. Then, as the user peruses the site, 他们通过行动告诉我们他们要探索什么样的服务线路. 当用户最终在访问的某个时间点冒险回到主页时, or returns on subsequent visits, 我们使用他们在网站上的历史,以确保主页上的特色内容与该服务相关. For the visitor, it helps them find more of what they demonstrated they were most interested in; for Clearview, 它可以帮助他们展示他们在特定领域的专业知识,并向访问者保证他们是在专家的手中.

Design Thinking. Clearview had just unveiled their new corporate identity, 它们的原色是非常丰富和充满活力的橙色, red, and magenta. 通过将网站上的大部分照片转换成黑白照片, with the purposeful exception of their social media and Team pages, we were able to keep the visitor from being overwhelmed. Also, 黑白美学的选择为摄影提供了一种优雅, professional tone to the site, 给我们留下了鲜明的品牌色彩,让我们可以在网站上所有的cta的按钮上使用.

We used custom photos wherever possible. 我们与几位当地摄影师合作,为他们的团队拍摄环境照片, 除了为公司的实务领导拍摄新的专业照片.

Creating a Talent Showcase. Based on Clearview Group’s Google Analytics data, and our experience working with professional services firms, we knew that we needed to showcase 4 things on almost every page, but in different degrees of prominence depending on the site map. These included their people; their practice areas; client success stories; and recent news and insights specifically related to those people and practice areas. You’ll see this in action on their IT Risk Advisory & Security page, where we have an explanation of the practice area; a case study for a successful project they completed for Sinclair Broadcast Group; an introduction to the practice leader, Aaron Kerr; and recent insights from Aaron Kerr and Clearview CTO Todd Jennings. The page lets a user get to know the people at Clearview, the clients that trust them, 以及他们如何看待他们为客户所面临的挑战.

Celebrating Big Wins (For Their Clients). We’ll dive a bit deeper into the case studies here. Clearview已经组建了一个跨许多实践领域的强大的专家团队, 我们需要展示一些与Clearview合作的大牌. 我们以模块化的方式构建了站点的每个页面,以便在任何可能的地方集成案例研究. Each service page, bio page, 并且主页允许Clearview简单地点击一个按钮来“显示案例研究”,然后选择在站点的哪个位置突出哪个案例研究. Successful projects for companies like Sinclair Broadcast Group, Personal Genome Diagnostic, and others signal to prospects that Clearview is a leader, 这些知名品牌相信Clearview能够解决他们最重要的业务挑战.

Staying Current. In addition to their blog posts and case studies, 我们帮助Clearview制定了一项公关策略,包括起草地区和国家奖项的提名,如安永年度企业家, Best Places to Work; Top Accounting Firms, and more. 我们想把这些奖项和认可作为网站上的第一件事. 你可以在主页上看到,客户端能够在滚动条上方识别出最近的新闻或见解文章类型, rather than simply hiding “News” in the footer.

Results Intro

The Results

Throughout the early days of our engagement with Clearview, 我们能够快速地为他们提供许多营销项目——一个建立在数据基础上的新网站, strategy, persona development and strategic positioning; sales tools that were consistently branded and showcased their expertise built on years of experience; a content marketing plan that helped them consistently publish and distribute their content through social media; and positioning statements that led to their being recognized both locally and nationally as a fast-growth company that has attracted and retained top talent in the industry.

我们很自豪地提供了所有这些工具,帮助它们的增长达到创纪录的水平, 我们最自豪的是我们能够提供的整体价值——成为一个已经很棒的组织的催化剂,并帮助他们划分优先级, execute, 并发展一个营销计划,分享他们已经在做的伟大工作的故事. Like many organizations we work with, 他们已经在自己的行业里做得很好了——他们只是需要我们团队的一点帮助,帮助他们把故事讲出来.


84.05% Increase in Users

By increasing the amount of shareable content, and leveraging social media, more people are finding Clearview

24.5% Increase in Pages Per Session

Each visitor is consuming more content

Dynamic Case Studies

Tools their sales team can use anywhere